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Management Reporting for Management Systems.

Duration Two Days

Course Description

A two-day course directed at persons who have the responsibility to analyse and report on Management System Efficiencies and Effectiveness.

Management systems such as ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 etc require that:


Person or persons who can independently measure and analyse management system processes to ensure that they are delivering their planned and intended outputs.


Person or persons to report to top management and other relevant interested persons on the performance of the management system and opportunities for management system improvement.

The course is focused on providing tools for reporting on the efficiencies and effectiveness of your Management System Processes.

This will include methodologies to make statistical inference on both efficiency and effectiveness of these processes, with the intention of making Management Review a driver for continual improvement.

The course will follow the principles and concepts of; process approach, and the, plan, do, check, act cycle.

Efficiency: The quality of being able to do a task successfully, without wasting time.

Effectiveness: Something that is effective works well and produces the results that were intended.

The role of modern Quality Management is not the control of quality a near impossible task, but the identification of causes that have a negative effect on Quality, Productivity and Competitive position.

To Quote both Juran and Deming : “Eighty Five Percent of problems in any organisation can only be fixed by the Management, this is because most problems require a change of resource and only management can change resource.”

The role of quality management to identify problems, the role of management to fix the problems.

There are two pillars to any organisation these are the financial pillar and the systems pillar.

·       Financial Managers report on the Financial Health of the organisation and

·       Quality Managers reports on the Systems Health of the Organisation

Therefore, the intention of the course is to improve management reporting by providing Ideas and tools to assist management in identifying where best to allocate resource.

Good analysis of systems enables organisations to appreciate opportunities for better efficiencies and bottom-line improvement.

Effective data presentation, plus pertinent use of statistics makes the difference between; Management action or the delay of action by procrastination of the management team.

Course Content Includes:

·       Statistical Concepts

·       Statistical Tools

·       Group analysis and team Presentations

·       Quality Costs

Delegates Receive a H & M Certificate on successful completion of a forty five minute multiple-choice examination, competent mark is 60%.